Lesson plan for The Cask of Amontillado



Do Now:

In your notebooks, write what you think about revenge. Is it a good or a bad thing? Does it depend on the circumstances? Have you ever done something for revenge? Have you ever wished or dreamed about doing something for revenge?


Placement in time:

Brief discussion of when and where the story takes place. Illustrations of clothing, etc.



Break into groups to look up vocabulary words. Each team responsible for all the words, just work together to divide up the work.



Finish looking up any words not defined in class. Be prepared to use your own glossary when reading the story tomorrow.



Give out annotated version of story. Read and answer questions. (Show some illustrations, and parts of lego version)



Write a summary, in your own words, of what you think happened in the story. (If we didnít read the whole thing in class, finish reading it at home before beginning the summary and be sure to summarize the WHOLE story.)